2020 SIGH News

2020 SIGH News is where you will find current updates on the programs, partnerships, and events we support.

 SIGH supports Genomica Laboratory in Tijuana, Mexico in the fight against COVID-19

(November 2020 Tijuana, Mexico)

SIGH continues to support medical specialists around the globe. Mexico has been in the race like the rest of the world to battle against COVID-19. In Tijuana, Mexico, over the last many months Genomica, a new diagnostic and treatment laboratory was created and opens in January 2021. Genomica “managed to bring together a select, outstanding and recognized group of academics with decades of experience in the areas of Molecular Biology, Virology, Infectiology and Epidemiology.”*  They have worked alongside their colleagues from the University of California in San Diego (UC San Diego) and the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

SIGH awarded Genomica a grant for the purchase of a much-needed sub 80 freezer to allow them to properly store their testing samples. Genomica will be the regions first laboratory for diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2.

*For more information on Genomica, visit their website: http://www.genomica.org.mx

SIGH approves two grants to purchase PPE for Doctors and Medical Staff in Multiple Hospitals 

(July/August 2020-Mozambique, Africa)

A big part of SIGH’s mission is to support medical specialist by providing access and medical tools into low resource settings.  We want to build the infrastructure in developing countries and support the education and training needed for medical professionals to become skilled specialists. The COVID-19 pandemic has now added another layer in this mission, which is to help protect the already stretched-thin physicians, surgeons and medical staff, so they can stay healthy and continue to care for their patients.
SIGH awarded grants to Maputo Central Public and Malvalane Hospital and Research Unit for the purchase of PPE and other medical supplies so they can stay safe while they work to save lives.